Lost In Time

by Personal Stereo

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released June 14, 2013

produced by personal stereo.
recorded by personal stereo at salle de son, weimar.
mixed and mastered by gitte verfuehrt at symbiontenstudio, berlin.
cover design by personal stereo.
photography by christian schmidt.
(cc) personal stereo.




Personal Stereo Berlin, Germany

alexander rudolph
vocals, guitar

david zintl
guitar, bass

hendrik schneider
guitar, bass

christian schmidt
drums, backing vocals

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Track Name: Just Leave
just black and grey. not even white. birds of prey on our track tonight. navigation at shortest sight. lured away by northern lights. i'll lift the anchor from the ground. and drift with the tides now. leave it all behind. leave it all behind. leave it all... the pins still hold. the colours fade. the bill too old to be repaid. the boat is sold. a bargain trade. the story's told but much too late. i can't ask you to guide me now. i'll go where it leads me. i won't cry this time. i won't cry this time. i won't cry... follow the stars. on a sea that's full of sharks. into the dark.
Track Name: Change
sometimes it's hard to say. if you can really stay. when things are turning wrong. be sure to take it easy. sometimes it's hard to know. just where you want to go. when nothing's clear at all. be sure to take it easy. something in your mind wants to change sometimes. something in your life has to stay behind. sometimes you wonder why. it all goes the other way. when nothing's making sense. be sure to take it easy. sometimes you're sure to drown. in floods of feeling down. when all things look to end. be sure to take it easy. something in your life can change sometimes. something in your mind wants to look behind. this is not the time to cry. things will always keep on changing. this is not the time to say goodbye to it all. you can stand up every time you fall.
Track Name: Disconnected
days of splitting. days of quitting. days of hitting the ground. days of waking. days of shaking. days of breaking down. days of yearning. days of learning. days of turning around. days of racing. days of tracing. days of facing the cold. days of healing. days of stealing. days of dealing blows. days of fending. days of mending. days of ending the show. we can strain to escape. but there's no way back from here today. and the pain is going to stay. we are disconnected. all rejected. stained.
Track Name: Little Things
who cares about all the trouble that's far away? 'not our business' is much too easy to say. who cares about all these rockets that only fly away. and never come back to the place where we stay. who cares about an accident that won't happen to you? why should you think about it? why should you? but can't you care about some little things? not about all. there is a difference between two ways to fall. they only care about money. they can't get enough. they're drinking all that honey. and all the liars' stuff. the talk of trifles is the talk of the town. making stories. creating monsters. born to go down. i'd leave this world to steal the clouds. refuel my heart with sunbeams. i'd turn the stream. attain the dream. and turn back home again with steam. for all those little things to achieve. little things. could change a whole direction. little things. a piece of our whole perfection.
Track Name: Telespace
dream and drink. no time to think about what's up in life. so what? it's all okay. more than it's right. so please shut up. don't start a fight. you need to hurry up. so slow to realize what's truth. oh no! dream and drink. it's time to sink into hypnotic sleep. so what? it's all the same each day and night. the screen is always shining bright. the channel switch is a mighty tool to rule the teleworld. you fool! television. telewaste. god-given knowledge in the telespace. on television you will see the real big life. god bless tv.
Track Name: Let Go The Brakes
it's where you stand. it's where you stay. it's how you plan. it's how you play. it's not your day. it's not the winning way. can you feel gravity pull at your feet? can you see the road lead away from what you need? it's what you fear. it's what you are. it's why you're here. it's why you should care. it's what you should try. it's what you should dare. can't you use gravity for gaining more speed? can't you take the road to where your hopes and dreams meet? let go the brakes. life will only take what's at stake. let go the brakes. don't be too late. the jaded fail. and the lazy only fade.
Track Name: Puppets And Hands
live. give. feel. believe. try to make a choice. throw the 'maybe' away. make decisions clear. and show it to yourself everyday. in any way. there's something else than this. some secret to know. some things to try. before you leave the show. before you go. try to speak your wish. make up your mind. open your eyes for what you will find. it might be fine. there's nothing more than me. nothing more than you. nothing more to see. nothing to be confused. just the truth. did you pull the strings in a puppet show? or did you enjoy to be the doll? free yourself from all that leads you away. from yourself. and from the focused things that call. free yourself from all these games you play. read the spell. better turn before you fall.
Track Name: Clouds Will Clear
step by step we go alone. guided by experience. we don't know how much it takes. to discern the truth from all the fakes. and still we make the same mistakes. maybe there is only chance. maybe there's no way to do right. no matter what we have said. time reminds us: don't forget. looking back feels better without regrets. certain things will remain. held by remains of the past times. worries shrink and traces fade. but if we mean to redraw the lines of fate. some memories that hurt can't be erased. i'll keep on waiting. someday the clouds will clear. and the sun will start to shine. don't you worry. i'll be alright...
Track Name: Strange Feelings
something is strange inside my mind. i guess that's life. my body feels like it's not mine. all the time. everything seems to be wrong. should i be strong? all those useless ways i came along. these strange feelings that hurt. can make you feel the dirt. i want to take off mine. wish i could sometimes...
Track Name: Optical Tracking
the angels keep on falling. down to our hopeless skies. the clouds are like a ceiling. hiding thoughts that could clear our minds. the shadows were like hunters i instructed to hunt myself. no matter if i'm running. or hiding behind a shell. the memories are fading. my heart is an empty room. a penny for a kingdom. a million for a glimpse of truth. the demons keep on calling. for drinks from the poisoned well. no matter if i'm turning. determined to ring the bell. why all these lights? why all these scars? why all these trials before we start? why all these lines? why all these charts? why all these spires? where to depart? why all these lies? why these remarks? why all these words for one minute of arc? the way it starts. with open arms. is the way it ends. with frozen hearts.
Track Name: Lost In Time
the same old game. the same old names. empathy from hidden frames. soothing words from unknown worlds. characters from tales unheard. lost in time. the last in a line of rusting minds. lost in time. a fading smile. the rhyme will stay unsigned. the killer's near. a silent fear. the rain returns, and with it tears. the healer comes. with heaving lungs. we've been waiting much too long. lost in time. a fading rhyme inside my mind. lost in time. a lazy smile. that lights up shielded eyes. reload. reset. walk by. forget. familiar maps are brilliant traps.

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